Birthday Parties

For adults, teens & children Invite your friends to a “Birthday Dance Class” at our studio, or at your premises, space permitting. You and your friends will have fun learning a dance routine to the latest chart music.
Enjoy your birthday to the fullest in dancing, eating and a lot more!

Dancers for Corporate / Commercial Events

We can supply professional dancers and choreographers for Corporate Events, Product Launches, Music Videos, Award Nights, TV Commercials, Advertising Campaigns and Parades.
Working with us ensures that you have the security and backing of his expert team of production and technical staff, professional dancers, directors, choreographers and world class rehearsals at our studio, or at your premises, space permitting.

Dancers for Wedding Events

Other than training the bridal party on their wedding dance routine of their choice, we also offer professional dancers and choreographers for wedding entertainment.
The dancers come in couples and grace your wedding with their highly skilled moves sprinkled with a touch of romance to match the occasion and also do a crowd involvement that makes your guests really happy to know about different dances and enjoy their evening party dancing.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Designed especially for bridal couples and their bridal parties, the Wedding Dance Package is perfect to ensure you are dancing your best on your Big Day. Let us make your wedding special. A traditional dance doesn't suit everybody, bring in your special song and Mutati shall teach you a bridal dance to suit.
We have taught and choreographed for many wedding couples very graceful and elegant wedding dances. We take everything into consideration, giving your wedding dance choreography a romantic introduction, a soul inspiring body that proclaims your love and a grand sensuous finale that leaves your


We organize shows by some of the world's finest dance champions & artists. Check “Upcoming Events" for upcoming shows.


We supply professional shows, animations, workshops, bootcamps and deejaying in Festivals/Congresses and also give some of the unbeatable discounts to this great events that we travel to. Check "Events" to see where we going next and travel with us to the best dance holiday of your life time.


Join in our parties today.
Mutati is the person to contact. He will organize social/practice parties, guest parties and other dance events.

Check "Events" for upcoming social/practice parties, guest parties and other dance events. Come and experience the wonderful world of dancing with us! And add some fun to Your LIFE.