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We offer a number of dance styles perfectly suited for dance clubs, school programs and parties.
Find the confidence to step onto the dance floor with any partner that you choose, whether it is on a social or social-competitive dance basis.

We Offer a Whole Range of Dances:

1. Salon Dances: Salsa (New York Style On 2(Mambo), L.A Style On 1, Cuban Style, Puerto Rican Style On 1 & On 2, Miami Style and Night Club Style), Rueda De Casino, Cha Cha, Merengue
2. Bachata(K-Style, Dominican Style, Italian Style and Modern/Sensual Style)
3. Afro Fusion: Kizomba, Lingala, Caribbean/French Zouk, Semba, Kuduro, Soukouss, Ndombolo, Afro House

For beginners it is hard to know where to start, we have a beginners’ program that introduces you into the world of dancing. You will be in the good hands of friendly and experienced dance instructors who will take you through the lessons.
This creates an opportunity for you to learn many dance styles depending on your ability. That way, you keep dancing even when the music changes.


We have classes to suit all ages and standards. We also specialize in teaching people who have never danced a step before. No prior experience is necessary. No partner required.

Group Classes

Group dance lessons are an important addendum to your private lessons.
They give you the opportunity to build your foundation of the new dance or steps you are learning. They give you an opportunity to dance with a variety of partners, develop good dance habits and meet other students on your level.

We focus primarily on the step and it is danced over and over until you are comfortable with it. Your instructor will then make use of the private classes to fix up the steps you have already learned, without having to waste time on your private classes teaching you the steps. Our group classes are divided into different levels, so if you are a beginner and there for the first time you will be joining our beginners dance class where they focus only on the basics.

All classes are open to all singles and couples:

• Drop-In Classes: Drop-In classes are offered for all levels. You may begin these classes at any time.
• Series Classes: Series classes are progressive classes. It is recommended to start series classes at the beginning of the month because each week builds on the last. This is a great way to develop a combination of patterns that can be danced on a social dance floor.

Private Classes

Although group classes are fun and a great way to meet other people, they may not suit everyone. In a private lesson you get individual attention, you choose which dances you learn and the lesson can be at a time that best suits you. Private tuition is the fastest way to learn.?
During your one on one dance lessons you will receive personal training that will help you achieve your specific goals in dancing.Your dance instructor will spend time on the necessary technique, styling and general dance improvement for yourself. We keep an up to date file on your progress and everything you have learned as part of your instruction.

Private Lessons are perfect for couples or individuals who are in need of one on one professional personal attention. Whether it is for your Bridal Dance or just to improve on your social dancing, we structure all of our Private Lessons around your personal goals.


Apart from regular classes, We also run ‘Performance Classes’, which is an optional class open to students who show great promise.  Enrolment is optional and subject to Mutati’s approval and the pre-requisite is at least a Beginner - Improver level.  The class is spread over sessions totaling about 24 hours, to a sequence specially choreographed by Mutati and / or any of our Senior Instructors for the purpose and includes rehearsing with a designated partner and learning how to perform.
We may arrange for the ‘Performance Team’ to perform at parties or events held by us, or in which we are participating. We intend to also shortly commence a ‘Kids Performance Class’. Your kids will learn Salsa, the hottest new craze and show off what they learned by performing at events. They will learn footwork, styling and fun combination's, which will strengthen not only their physical co-ordination but also their confidence and social skills.

Medal Classes

This class is perfect for those dancers wishing to develop their technique. These classes are smaller and more intimate and focus on the technique and execution of the dances.

Corporate Classes

A customized dance class for your staff will help to inspire creativity, release stress, re-energize your workforce, encourage trust and collaboration, increase confidence and build team spirit. Most of all it’s fun.
Latin dances which are type of partner dances that involve a high degree of co-operation between two individual dancers. It is a great way to learn to build trust, communicate, co-ordinate, lead and follow according to the rhythm of the music. Such a scenario is analogous to that of a workplace where corporate members must learn to build harmonious work teams under some common business goals or targets. We are happy to arrange for corporate workshops, team-building activities, and special event choreography and dance instruction. These can be arranged at a studio, or at your premises, space permitting.

The style choice is yours.


We offer many classes for children of all ages and levels of experience.
The program has specifically tailored lessons for children in a group environment, with kids of a similar age. These classes are a great confidence builder.  In our children's class the emphasis is on ensuring they have fun while they learn. Now your child can learn in a fun, stress free yet structured environment.